Our Vision

The amount of energy needed in the world is increasing day by day. Especially with the influence of globalization, the energy need and the way of meeting it are of great importance.

For this reason, companies that reduce their energy costs will be one step ahead of their competitors by meeting their energy needs more efficiently and at low budget. When all these situations are taken into account; it can easily be predicted that the economy of the future will supply the energy in the most efficient and cheap way.

Many countries and organizations that look at the whole picture of this direction are working hard to get ahead of their competitors by doing R & D work in the field of renewable energy. Countries and organizations that concentrate on the field of renewable energy are also aiming to have a say in the world in the near future.

As Admen Enerji, we are carrying out our activities in the field of renewable energy, which is supposed to be the most important energy source of our future. As Admen Energy, we offer products that will provide sector dynamism with our projects and R & D studies that will meet the needs of the sector in the field of renewable energy. In line with these efforts, we also aim to contribute to the settlement of the country’s top ranking on the list of countries that have a worldwide voice in the field of energy.

Our MissION

Analyzing the needs of the renewable energy sector and deficiencies of the sector in the best way, Admen Energy aims to increase its energy efficiency with its works. In this sense, they continue to work on the different products needed in the sector.

Factory; aims to provide contribution to the sector with the qualities that will lead the sector with its expert staff having advanced knowledge. For this reason, a lot of work is spent on product research and projects.

Admen Energy; renewable energy technologies, Turkey and the whole world is targeting the widespread use worldwide. Therefore, the projects that serve this purpose are presented to the customers with great care. Creating clean, reliable and cheap energy solutions is the first priority of Admen Enerji.